Thing 6 - Reflective practice

For Thing 6, Reflective Practice I will outline and discuss briefly two Tasks completed. For the third task completed I will discuss it using Reflective Practice.

Thing 3, Image Banks
I explored the Flickr Image Bank as my task for Thing 3.
   I used mostly a nature theme in my blog.
   As part of this task I uploaded a photo of a Peacock to my blog and accredited the photo using the Creative Commons licensing type. See Strutting by Chris Jones licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
   I also (i)created a link to the National Geographic; (ii)downloaded nature photos to my Wildlife Gallery; (iii)uploaded photos from an Archives library exhibition to an Album Library Archives, sample.
   The Guidelines in R23/ Thing 3, Image Banks were clear. They were helpful in completing the task. I found Flickr to be user-friendly. It did take trial-and-error to carry out the steps in the task. This is the case with any software I am using for the first time.
   A practical application of Flickr is to create …

Thing 5 - Video Presentations

Attached is a video I created using
   The subject of the video is How to book a flight. The video is aimed at library patrons.    The video is 2mins. in duration. It includes choosing departure and arrival destinations, dates and times. The video ends before I enter my personal details.    I talked on the video, explaining what I was doing. However when I replayed the video it was difficult to hear my voice even at maximum volume. I adjusted the microphone settings on my laptop and created more videos. The speaking volume remained low in all the videos. I reckon the microphone on my laptop was not working properly or else I did not adjust the microphone settings correctly.    Cookies are still turned-on on my video. I thought I had turned the Cookies off though when I watch the video again it looks as though this did not happen. Weeks after making this video I came back to hoping to correct mistakes by making an updated video. However whe…

Thing 4 - Communicating Visually

Attached is a video of my library.
   I uploaded six photos of my library to the Quik app on my mobile phone. Quik took over and very soon after I had a video! It was possible to edit the video. I added the title My library and added captions to each of the 6 photos. I chose the theme Bold which was catchy and funky, this gave the video its "look". For music I chose Soul-surfing. I chose Outro off, getting rid of the App's own branded slide.
   I uploaded the video to my laptop and it played fine. Have uploaded the same video to my blog and there is nothing happening. The video may play when I publish the blog?
   There are limited functions on the Quik App, an advantage of this is ease of use. When I use programmes eg. Screencastomatic, Infographics there are a big choice of functions. The down side to this is it takes longer to get a handle on the programme.

Thing 3 - Image Banks

Strutting by Chris Jones is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

  This is a Peacock in all his splendour. What amazing colours and design!
  To find out more about Peacocks check out the The National Geographic
  To extend the Peacock theme I created a Gallery in my Flickr account, with the title Wildlife. I downloaded 3 images from Flickr to the Gallery. To view click the following: Wildlife Gallery

   I created an Album with the title Library in Flickr. I uploaded images from the Library Archives to the Album. To view click the following: Library Archives, sample

   The image and links above are succinct. However it took trial and error to get the image set up, accredit it using Creative Commons, link to the National Geographic, then to create a Gallery and an album in Flickr. The R23 post was clear and a good introduction to Images however I still had to google How to create a gallery in Flickr to complete this task.

Thing 2 - Setting up a blog

I studied Science at University College Dublin (UCD). After graduating I worked in Industry for 5 years. I worked in the area of Quality Control which involved testing in the Laboratory and Production areas. The industries I worked in included food, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. I enjoyed the work. However I wanted to try something different.
     I worked as a Library Assistant in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown (DLR) library service, Dublin. I was based in a branch for 2 years. I covered relief work in the 9 branch libraries for another 2 years. I traveled by bike to the branches, great fun!
   DLR County Council/ Library service sponsored me to study for the Higher Diploma in Library and Information Studies, 2002-2003. The course took place in UCD and was 9 months in duration. It  gave me the qualification to become a Librarian.
   Since the end of 2004 I have been working as an Assistant Librarian with Roscommon Library Service.